Trump crows over win in bitter Supreme Court battle

14 October, 2018, 02:37 | Author: Keith Rowe
  • Brett Kavanaugh is the first member of the Supreme Court to hire an all-female class of law clerks

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) got Democrats to agree to unanimously confirm 15 judicial nominees in order that the politicians could return to their home districts to campaign for the midterm elections. Of course, this view itself reflects political predispositions: Sixty-four percent of Democrats think Kavanaugh's presence will lead to a more politicized high court; 45 percent of independents agree, dropping to 18 percent of Republicans.

"It is not a partisan or political institution", the new justice reminded the crowd of well-wishers.

ANALYSIS | The Democrats' chances of netting at least two Senate seats always seemed like a long shot.

Kavanaugh, 53, began work immediately after his official swearing-in on Saturday evening even as protesters stormed the front steps of the Supreme Court and pounded on the 13-ton bronze doors, furious that he had been confirmed despite a decades-old allegation of sexual assault brought by Christine Blasey Ford.

Real Clear Politics now places Democrats with a 6.9-point advantage over Republicans on the generic ballot.

"Vote, your life depends on it!", "Every vote, every election, every account", proclaimed placards brandished by demonstrators.

"The biggest challenge is the separating of what's happening in Washington, D.C. from Washington state", she said.

Republican Rep. J.T. Wilcox, who has been involved in fundraising for Republicans running in the House where more than a dozen seats are in play, said there's no question that he's anxious because "the national wind is blowing in our face".

"That episode, if it occurs, would be in the portion of the government we haven't funded", he said.

But for Trump, a focus on Kavanaugh could excite his base, said Gallup pollster Frank Newport.

Partisans appear more dug-in after the Kavanaugh debate, with 65 percent of Republicans saying it motivates them more to support the GOP and 66 percent of Democrats saying they are more motivated to back their own party.

More broadly, the stakes in November for Democrats are extremely high.

Republican Sen. John Kennedy agreed that McConnell was dead set on getting a good deal for Republicans. Joe Fain is seeking re-election to his third term under the cloud of a sexual assault accusation.

According to the results of the Politico/Morning Consult poll, which was conducted entirely after Kavanaugh's tempestuous hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, 46 percent of voters believe that the Senate "made the wrong decision" by confirming Kavanaugh while only 40 percent said that the Senate was correct in doing so. But a month ago, the stars looked to be aligning for Democrats. Among the findings in the investigation were that Sawyer sent a House employee "inappropriate and offensive" text messages over a period of three months.

"We can not accept a system that empowers a man who repeatedly lied under oath and a judiciary review process that only performs a sham of an investigation into his misconduct", the letter continues, referencing allegations of perjury and sexual assault that have been levied against the newest member of the nation's highest court, and the "charade" of an FBI investigation conducted to address the assault claims, which Kavanaugh has denied.

These testimonies include the allegation from Kathleen Charlton that she possesses evidence to show that Kavanaugh was contacting former Yale classmates, before the release of the first Deborah Ramirez article in The New Yorker, imploring them to deny the allegations.



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