Tom Hardy brings out Marvel's darker side in new movie 'Venom'

05 October, 2018, 06:13 | Author: Miranda Cannon
  • Venom’ Movie Review Roundup Critics Call It A Mess

Sony Pictures has released a new TV spot from their upcoming Marvel film Venom, ahead of the film's theatrical debut later this week.

After murdering most of his command staff while preventing a mission abort, Riot tries to climb into the rocket but ends up fighting Venom.

"I guess audiences will let us know if they want to see another installment of 'Venom.' Hopefully other people will turn up to the film and we can look forward to more". Costume? Symbiote? Whatever it is. With its double post credits sequences, it paved the way for a surprising reveal, a sequel, and some hype for another Spider-adjacent movie entirely. Jumping from the DC world to Venom, an attempt by Sony to launch its brand of characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hardy takes on conflicted soul Eddie Brock, a San Francisco-based investigative reporter who meets his alter ego when a gooey alien lifeform successfully invades his body and creates Venom, a yin to his yang and partner in crime and grime.

Hardy is a reassuringly capable actor, and he's backed by an equally strong supporting cast. These characters interacted in the comics forever.

Who are the writers and director?

Eddie Brock and Venom take center stage in Venom, a superhero action movie directed by Ruben Fleischer.

Spider-Man is theoretically shared between the two (more on that in a sec), but Venom makes no mention of either the webslinger or any of his friends in the Avengers. As Life Foundation foot soldiers come to retrieve the escaped alien, Eddie and Venom forge a tenuous bond via an ongoing internal dialogue, even if - outwardly - it seems like the poor human is certifiably insane.

Cue generic auto chases, CGI fight sequences and explosions.

A lot of Venom consists of set-up for Eddie Brock and how he will eventually come into contact with the symbiote. He does have limited agency, and likes the power that the symbiote brings, a power that he says in the trailer it "is not completely bad".

As the camera focuses on his face, he's revealed to be played by Woody Harrelson, sitting in a white jumpsuit, done up with an nearly cartoonish red wig.

Speaking of, we're not expecting Spidey himself to make any sort of appearance here. With violence often the punchline, Venom isn't any funnier than the average Marvel film that doesn't feature Robert Downey, Jr.'s Iron Man., and its human characters are no more charming or interesting.

It sounds like that's the plan, too.

If producers Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad have their way, the release of Venom this Friday will launch an entirely new Marvel film franchise - dubbed "Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters" - that will nearly exclusively feature characters, mostly villains or anti-heroes in nature, who have crossed paths at some point with Spider-Man. Director Ruben Fleischer, who made his name with the fluid and entertaining Zombieland almost a decade ago, is unable to make heads or tails of the action set pieces here.

Drake has been experimenting with trying to bond alien organisms with human hosts in some ill-defined bid to save humanity by making us adaptable to space environments, or something like that, except it's told in a more pompous voice with a lot more words.

Or is it? Venom isn't just a hot mess, it's a boiling one. For better or for worse, the goal has been for Venom to push boundaries wherever it can, even with a PG-13 rating. That's all with the aim of reaching as many Venom fans as possible.



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