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Google responds to Trump’s tweet-rage: We didn’t rig search against you!

29 August, 2018, 02:03 | Author: Lydia Fleming
  • Donald Trump: Google’s news service is rigged against me

In a tweet written at 5.24am on Tuesday morning (10.24am United Kingdom time), the USA president claimed search results for "Trump news" only showed reports from "Fake New [sic] Media", with his arch nemesis CNN featuring heavily.

At first, we made a decision to test this by punching "Trump News" into Google Search and the first story on top came from the only source of news that Trump likes, FOX News. Last night, Fox News' Lou Dobbs highlighted a report from PJ Media that says that 96 percent of news results returned when you Google the president are from "National Left-Wing media".

There are many other reasons PJ Media didn't see certain conservative publications in the top 100 results in their survey, based on how the Google News algorithm works, and the specific moments in which the searches were conducted. They are controlling what we can & cannot see.

Trump's tweets about Google this morning fall squarely into the same category: He is complaining that Google highlights reputable mainstream news sources rather than partisan outlets more favorable to the president.

According to Google, its patented algorithm, known as PageRank, prioritizes top search results based on the number of factors, including the number of times a site references a given keyword, the number of outlets who link back to the site in question and how long the page in question has been in existence.

It's also unclear just what the actor-turned-politician means by his claim that the situation "will be addressed", as he has a habit of making Twitter promises that he can't keep.

Google has since denied the president's accusations. The site used a classification that ranks nearly every mainstream news outlet - other than Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, and DailyMail.com - as leftwing.

However various studies suggest conservatives are thriving on social media.

Earlier this summer, the new Republican chair of the Federal Trade Commission Joseph Simons said the agency would keep a close eye on big tech companies that dominate the internet. And we will continue to call them out every step of the way.

And, on Tuesday, he doubled down on claims that Google "rigged" its results to show only bad news stories about him. "I know it's not news to you that this has been going on", he said.

Fox News host Shep Smith reacted after airing the clip.

The president has not named Jones - whose reputation he once described as "amazing" - in any of his tweets on the issue.

Google is the latest target in Mr. Trump's complaints that some portions of the news media and social media are biased against conservatives.

In the Oval Office later, Trump expanded on this morning's comments.

The most recent broadside follows the president's 24 August claim that social media "giants" are "silencing millions of people".

Representatives of major technology companies appeared before Congress in July to answer allegations of censorship.

This article was written by Isaac Stanley-Becker, a reporter for The Washington Post.



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