Trump mocks Sen. Warren, '#MeToo generation' in speech at Montana rally

06 July, 2018, 23:59 | Author: Roderick Gutierrez
  • WATCH LIVE: Trump holds campaign rally in Montana

The Tester campaign also plans to run a radio ad across the state touting his bills that Trump has signed. Jon Tester, who is leading Rosendale in the polls despite the state's Republican lean. "I believe him", Trump said.

Trump has been referring to Warren as Pocahontas since at least 2016 and has regularly questioned whether she's Native American, as she's claimed.

Rosendale, who is seeking to deny Tester a third term and give Montana an all-Republican congressional delegation, said Trump has focused on the race because of Testers “liberal obstruction.”.

The president says, "I've been preparing for this stuff my whole life". I really couldn't hate him more. How vicious is the world, ' Trump lamented. "If it's bad for Montana, he'll stand up to anyone", Tester spokesman Chris Meagher said. Warren is among the Democrats considered a potential 2020 candidate. Warren's disputed Native American heritage has followed since her Senate bid in 2012.

CNN contributing writer Anushay Hossain said it should come as no surprise that Trump doesn't take the #MeToo movement seriously, not just given his own past but the way he defended Rob Porter mere months ago. Pocohantas I apologize to you.

'Because what happened is, he said, Sir if you would like me to do it, I'll do it.

"Pocahontas, they always want me to apologize for saying it", Trump said. We've seen the reality behind every one of his jokes. To the fake one, I won't. "We have to do it gently". Even though it weighs only 2 ounces.

"We'll take that little kit and say, we have to go it gently because we are in the Me Too generation, and we will very gently take that kit, slowly toss it" to her, Trump said, adding that he would offer $1 million to charity if she took the test and it "shows you are an Indian".

After the speech, Warren, D-Mass., hit back. Elizabeth Warren as "Pocahontas".

Last week in a North Dakota rally Trump criticized Senate Democrat incumbent Heidi Heitkamp for much the same. Trump called Rear Adm. Dr. Ronny Jackson a friend and said he felt "guilty" about having asked him to serve as secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

"A vote for Jon Tester is a vote for Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and the new leader of the Democrat party, Maxine Waters", President Donald Trump then told the assembled crowd. "We can't trust him to defend Montana".

Rallies like the one on Thursday also showcase a November strategy that combines sweet spot issues like immigration, tax cuts, the booming economy, and attacks on kneeling National Football League players with nostalgic reminiscences of his 2016 campaign that Trump loves.

Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at Four Seasons Arena on July 5, 2018 in Great Falls, Montana. I'll use tonight. Pocahontas, I apologize to you. "We need to continue to build on those successes". "Get your ass out to vote". He has also dismissed the special counsel's investigation into potential Russian collusion with Trump's campaign as a "witch hunt" meant to delegitimize his presidency.

Back at the rally, Trump alighted on Russian Federation and his upcoming summit with Putin.



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