Tesla in Autopilot mode crashes into fire truck

25 January, 2018, 01:51 | Author: Patty Aguilar
  • Tesla in Autopilot mode crashes into fire truck

It's the same with this latest situation reported by the Culver City Firefighters via Twitter involving one of their fire engines and a Tesla Model S. It was a Tesla Model S and IAFF Local 1927 (Culver City Firefighters) reports the auto was traveling at 65 miles per hour.

The NTSB also determined the operational design of the Tesla's vehicle automation permitted the auto driver's overreliance on the automation, noting its design allowed prolonged disengagement from the driving task and enabled the driver to use it in ways inconsistent with manufacturer guidance and warnings. "Amazingly there were no injuries!" the union said in a tweet.

In San Francisco, the California Highway Patrol arrested a driver who they said was passed out behind the wheel of a Tesla on the Bay Bridge. The company has repeatedly warned drivers in its owner's manual for concentrating on the road while exploiting the semi-autonomous Autopilot system. This means that Tesla's autopilot is "driver-assisted" technology that requires drivers to always be fully aware and ready to take control to the steering wheel and pedals. In no way does it excuse the driver from minding the vehicle he is driving. They also have flashing lights and noisy sirens, all the stuff you need to notice the truck and get out of its way.

The company now classifies the Autopilot feature as a "driver assistance system", making it still reliant upon the human driver.

Even so, a lot of Tesla owners are still under the impression their vehicles can drive themselves, and the results of their confusion often make the news.

Furthermore, National Transportation Safety Board in the United States is gathering information about the accident involving a Tesla Inc.

In the past, NTSB testing found that Tesla's Autopilot system "avoided crashes for the majority of rear-end scenarios", but while the NHTSA decided Autopilot wasn't responsible for the fatal 2016 crash, the NTSB believed it was a contributing factor. Tesla's "autopilot" is not fully autonomous driving, though it can look like it for short stretches and under specific conditions.



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