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Different alcoholic drinks cause different moods

24 November, 2017, 01:27 | Author: Lydia Fleming
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Marketing plays into this, Professor Bellis said: "There is a lot of content in alcohol promotion to suggest people will get those positive emotional responses they may be seeking". Men more often associated feelings of aggression with alcohol, according to the survey results. "The UK chief medical officers' guideline for both men and women states that in order to keep health risks from alcohol to a low level it is safest not to be drinking more than 14 units a week on a regular basis". Each individual included in the study had drunk all the types of alcohol studied (spirits, beer, and red and white wine) in the last 12 months, so could comment on how each had affected their emotions.

The researchers hoped that analyzing what emotions people associate with drinking would help them understand why people misuse alcohol and what drives people to drink certain alcoholic beverages.

It's the biggest study to ever document how people react to alcohol, mood-wise.

Vodka, gin and rum appeared to be most commonly associated with violence, with 30 per cent of respondents reporting feeling aggressive after drinking spirits.

Men were more likely to report any alcoholic drink with feelings of aggression than women were, for example.

He said: "Spirits are often consumed more quickly and have much higher concentrations of alcohol in them".

People drinking spirits were also twice as likely to report feeling "sexy" than those drinking beer. This study allowed us to get a fuller picture of the ups and downs people get from drinking, which drinks are linked with which emotions, and which groups are most at risk from some of the most concerning outcomes, such as feeling aggressive.

It also suggested that the likelihood of a person feeling aggressive after drinking was increased among people who had a higher dependancy on alcohol.

Krakower, though, doesn't think that will help folks who are dependent on alcohol.

Drinking red wine may elicit feeling both sexy and tired, study finds

A group of researchers from the United Kingdom (where else?) set out to see how different types of alcohol affect your mood.

Spirits are much stronger in terms of alcohol by volume than wine or beer, which may lead to people drinking more alcohol more quickly. Just 20 per cent felt so.

The social situation in which people drink and the expectations they have when they choose a drink are also likely to affect their emotions.

Hard alcohol - like vodka, gin, and whiskey - can make you feel confident and sexy.

Well, it looks like there really is a connection between how we feel and what we drink.

The study has a number of limitations.

It relied on people's memories of how they felt while drinking, which may not be entirely accurate.

The research, published in the journal BMJ Open, found the different types of alcohols were associated with different emotions. The emotional impact of drinking alcohol is another aspect to consider when thinking about not drinking to excess.



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