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GameStop Puts a Hold on Game Rental Program

15 November, 2017, 01:37 | Author: Lydia Fleming
  • GameStop halts its unlimited used game rental program

Kotaku is reporting that GameStop is "temporarily pausing" the PowerPass program. Why? Once you return the game you can then check out another one.

GameStop will also be offering full refunds for those who have already purchased the PowerPass service, provided they return their pass and the video game they have checked out. The retailer confirmed that it had halted the initiative in a statement, citing "a few program limitations we have identified" as the cause. It's interesting to see that GameStop made a decision to pause the service because they didn't provide an explanation as to why they halted the program. Speaking to Kotaku, GameStop employees claimed they were instructed to remove in-store signs and materials advertising the service.

PowerPass has undergone a soft launch since its reveal in October with a full public launch slated to occur on November 19. If unfamiliar, this program would cost $60 and would allow customers to rent as many used games as they would like within a six-month span, with customers getting to choose one of the games they rented to keep permanently, at the end of the subscription.

That means any in-store advertisements for PowerPass have been removed and put in storage until further notice.

GameStop's all-you-can-eat subscription to used games has been suspended, apparently over concerns with how the aging computer systems in the company's 7,000 stores can handle and track checkouts. It appears the delay may be a long one, though, as the employee sources claim they were told to get rid of the holiday guide and weekly ad that has the program listed. Additionally, they can pick out any used game to have for free-not a bad tradeoff.

Keep an eye out as GameStop provides more information about PowerPass, and possible changes to the program.



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